Best Side Hustles with a Car: 12 Ideas You Can Start Today

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If you own a car, there are a number of side hustles with a car that you can start today. The great thing about using your car to start a side hustle is that you don’t need to spend money you don’t have to invest in an expensive “tools” business. Instead you can choose something you already own and begin making money with it.

Benefits to Side Hustles with a Car

Side hustles with a car.

There are a number of benefits that come with using your car to start an automotive side hustle.

First off, with a car, you can get around. This means you can pick up clients, deliver items to people you know, and take on a variety of other jobs you wouldn’t be able to do if you didn’t own a car.

Second, you can save on gas while you work by driving for your side hustle rather than going somewhere in your personal vehicle. If you have a commute to work each day this will add up over time! All that extra money you save could go toward paying off debt or into savings for your family.

Finally, you can get paid almost anywhere you go as long as you carry the proper materials with you. In fact, some apps even allow you to log in from home and pick up new jobs that need completing without having to drive anywhere.

This could be an excellent opportunity for you to do in the evenings when you come home from work, or you may find you can even get paid while you sleep.

Tips for Doing Sides Hustles with a Car

Helpful tips to making money with your car. Side hustles with a car.

If you do decide to use your car to start your side hustle, there are some things you should probably keep in mind to make the transition to starting your own business.

First off, you should make sure you fully understand any local traffic laws you may be breaking by picking up and dropping off clients. Nothing is more embarrassing than getting pulled over while you’re trying to make a few extra bucks!

Next, you should decide how you’ll advertise your services (if you’ll do such a thing). Some people prefer going the Craigslist route and just posting under the “gigs” section, while others prefer promoting their side hustles on social media or even within their communities. Having a plan in place will help you determine which method you should use first.

Finally, if you’re using your car for work it’s probably best to keep your personal expenses as separate from those of your business as possible. You don’t want your family to worry you’re spending their hard-earned money on your side hustle, after all!

Side Hustles with a Car you Should Try Today

Side hustles with a car.

Now that you know all about the benefits of using your car to start your side hustle, you’re probably wondering what you should try first. The truth is there are so many different side hustles you can have with a car it’s tough to narrow them down!

But here are 12 great ideas for you to look over until you find one you like.

Become an Uber Driver

You may have heard of Uber before as it has been in the news lately for its questionable business practices.

Regardless of your opinion on their company policies, you can still sign up to drive for them and make some extra money on the side through driving people around town when you’re not at work or doing other things.

You just need to download their app onto your phone then they will send you leads that are nearby so you know where to go pick up customers and drop them off at their destination (in most cases you can do it in your neighborhood or you can drive to where you need to go).

The average Uber driver, in independent contractor status, makes between $9 and $12 per hour so you can definitely add some extra money in your pocket when you add this to your list of side hustles. You’ll also be able to network and meet new people, which is a good thing since you never know where that will lead you.

Become a Taxi Driver

This one isn’t quite as easy as becoming an Uber driver but if you’re interested, here’s how to become a taxi driver.

First you need to get certified by the local authorities to operate a taxicab (so they give you permission and make sure you know where all the best places are like bars you you can pick up fares at later on in the evening).

Then you need to purchase a taxi vehicle, which you can usually get a loan for through your local bank.

After you have these two basic qualifications you need to start looking for business opportunities online so you can get clientele and start making money.

You’ll also want to think about picking up some side hustles while you’re waiting around for passengers so you can maximize your earnings during this time.

Start a Junk Hauling Business

This is an easy way to make money with a car because all you need is some free time and some willingness to work hard.

All you do is create a flyer advertising your service of taking things away from people’s homes for them if they don’t have a truck to transport bigger items.

You can charge a flat fee for this service or you can break it down by the pound and charge by weight if you don’t want to deal with being paid hourly. It’s best if you have a trailer you can use to haul the junk.

You’ll need some business cards so you can hand them out, as well as something you can use to advertise your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Become a Driving School Instructor

If teaching others how to drive sounds interesting, you can start earning money by becoming a driving school instructor once you meet the state regulation requirements.

This job is perfect for you if you like to help others and you enjoy driving, as you’ll need both of these skills in order to be successful.

You can also earn money by teaching your friends how to drive, but you should ask them to pay you for your time so that you stay on the safe side legally.

Advertise on Your Car

There are companies that will pay you to put advertisements on your car while you drive it around.

The way it works is that you apply online to become an advertising agent, you give them your car’s make/model/year and you’ll get a check every month that you drive for this program.

You’ll put company logos and/or stickers on your own cars and you can make a few extra hundred dollars each month you participate.

Of course you don’t want to do this if you like your car’s appearance or you worry about damaging it, but you could consider using a different vehicle for this side hustle.

Become a Task Rabbit

If you have some spare time in the evenings after work or school then you should think about becoming Task Rabbit, which is basically the online version of being an errand runner.

You can make more money by doing things like picking up groceries for busy families, you’ll also be able to meet new people and you can get some exercise by walking or biking around your neighborhood to pick up these jobs.

Deliver Food for PostMates

Are you able to drive and can you lift heavy things? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then you may be perfect for PostMates.

Drivers for PostMates use their vehicles to deliver food around town to residences and to local businesses quickly so that hungry people are satisfied with full stomachs.

For this job, you need a good driving record since you’ll be delivering food, you should not have any alcohol on your record either. They also ask you to pass a background check and you must be at least 21 years old.

Deliver Groceries for Shipt

If you are looking for another job that you can do with your car, you may want to sign up to be a grocery delivery driver for Shipt.

You’ll obviously need your own vehicle and will have to pass their background check since you’ll be handling other people’s groceries.

They also ask you to be at least 18 years old and you should have access to an insured vehicle in good working order. The good news is that you get paid weekly.

Driving Test Examiner

You may not know this but many states are hiring driving test examiners right now , which means that you can get paid quickly while testing people who are learning how to drive.

To become one you need to pass a test you can take in your state and you must be at least 18 years old. For more information on becoming a driver test examiner, check out your local department of motor vehicles for specific requirements and qualifications.

Deliver Packages for Amazon Flex

You may have heard of making money with Amazon Flex and you know that they’re looking for people to deliver packages with their own vehicles.

This is a great job because you can make your own schedule, you don’t need any special license or training, you get paid every week and you get to travel on your route.

You can make up to $18 per hour when you work on peak delivery times performing delivery service for Amazon Flex or other delivery companies.

Rent Out Your Car

If you own a car and you don’t use it all the time you should put it to work for you while you sleep.

You can rent your vehicle out on Turo and you’ll set your own price and availability. It’s like Airbnb for cars, but since you’re renting your own vehicle there is no need to have any special liability insurance coverage.

People who use Turo love it because they get to earn money from their car when they’re not using it at home or they travel somewhere without taking their vehicle with them.

Of course this means that you won’t be able to drive your car yourself while you have people borrowing it, so consider all of the implications before you start this side hustle.

Become a Part-Time Auto Mechanic

Becoming an auto mechanic as a side hustle is a great way to earn some extra income on the weekends. First and foremost, you need to find out what certification requirements or educational programs are required in your area, as they will vary.

Once you have determined this, you should research the different tools and equipment needed to do the job properly. Most automotive jobs now require computer diagnostic systems; so research online resources or classes that can teach you how to use those systems. Then enjoy learning about cars – from maintenance tips to engines and transmissions – by talking to other mechanics for advice or even reading up on manuals and guides.

Finally, investing in the right gear is key: proper safety gear, mechanics’ gloves, protective glasses and anything else that could help you stay safe while doing the job. With enough dedication, hard work and practice, becoming an auto mechanic as a side hustle can be possible.


There you have it, you can make a few hundred dollars each month you participate in these side hustles with your car, such as to flip cars, sell cars, and pickup truck side hustles.

Some of them you get to drive around town while you do errands for other people and some you simply use your vehicle to deliver items quickly.

Try one or try them all, the choice is up to you but no matter what you should be able to earn a little cash from your car.

FAQ – Side Hustles with a Car

What side hustle can I do with my car?

Making money by flipping cars is a great way to turn a side hustle into easy cash. To start car flipping, it is important do some research in order to determine the most valuable makes and models of used cars. You should also familiarize yourself with market trends and figure out where you can find used cars at a good price. With this knowledge, you can begin looking for candidates to buy and resell either at a premium or after doing basic repairs.

How can I make money with my own car?

Leveraging the power of your own car to make money is an increasingly popular option for people looking to supplement their income. Renting out your car through sites like Turo, delivering groceries, furniture flipping, and becoming a Lyft or Uber driver are some of the many ways you can start making money with your vehicle today. If you want to maximize the earning potential of your car, explore the different options you have available depending on where you live.