Making Money Playing Minecraft: 9 Ways to Make Your Passion Profitable

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Minecraft is a game that has captured the imagination of gamers around the world. Some people play it because they love to build worlds and explore their creativity. In contrast, others enjoy its challenge and competitive aspect. And still others are making money playing Minecraft.

Whatever your reason for playing Minecraft, you may want to make money from this passion at some point in time – whether that be now or later on down the road. Here are 9 ways to make money so that crafters can make their Minecraft passions profitable!

Making Money Playing Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever made, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s building the perfect castle or fighting off creepers at night, Minecraft has given people around the world a new way to interact with each other. It’s a game that allows players to build worlds from their imagination and search out creations by others.

You can start out with nothing more than dirt blocks in your inventory, but before you know it, people will be coming up to sell you diamonds for all those new structures. With over 125 million active users worldwide who enjoy playing Minecraft on servers at night or building skyscrapers during work hours – there are plenty of opportunities for everyday gamers (that includes us) to make some extra money while having fun doing what we love best: Playing Video Games!

Here are 8 ways any passionate Minecraft player could get into that money-making business.

Join the Minecraft Partner Program

Minecraft Partners is a new program that allows you to share and sell your Minecraft creations. You can create things like add-ons, realms, skins, or maps, which means if you are talented at creating anything in Minecraft, this idea is perfect for you! Not only can those be created, but even textures and hosted servers can as well. These things have been made by real players just like YOU before; why not claim them and start making your own?

Once you decide to join the Minecraft Partner Program, you’re on to the next step, filling out your application. To apply, head over to the Minecraft Partner Program website and click the “apply now” button. You’ll need to enter some basic information such as your name (obviously), email address, and social media username if applicable.

Potential players should provide an example of high-quality content that they’ve shared in the community before. Doing so will help weed out unqualified candidates who don’t know how to create anything for the game.

Once your application gets approved, you can start to make money when players support you and purchase your content.

Become a Minecraft Twitch Streamer

I’m sure many of you have watched a Twitch stream or two. Twitch is where the best and most creative players in this game go to share their insights. But you don’t have to be rich or famous on this site – there are other ways for a regular everyday streamer to make money.

making money playing minecraft

Now, making money with Twitch isn’t exactly easy (unless your name starts with PewDiePie), but it can still happen. Making money with your own channel is definitely a dream for most people but fear not! You can start working towards that goal today by following these simple steps:

Build a Fanbase

It’s no secret that it can be tough to build a fan base on Twitch. The competition is fierce, and the work early on isn’t always as much fun as later down the line. But, if you have decent computer skills and entertaining Minecraft skills, then you should just get started.

Stream Consistently

If you don’t stream Minecraft consistently, you will have a hard time building any kind of audience of Minecraft players. It’s the same for YouTube and other sites where content is uploaded constantly. People will leave when they know that there won’t be new videos coming soon.

Build on Your Strengths

The best streamers know their strengths, whether it’s being an entertaining host or gameplay experience extraordinaire. The way your stream looks can make all the difference in getting players hooked. If you don’t have much technical skill, then take care of what skills you possess, so players are more likely to watch again!

Give Back to Fans and Players

Give back by doing giveaways and contests with prizes from Minecraft partners. By giving the community online access to you and your own little world, community members are more than happy to click on your affiliate links, visit your website, check out your business, or give you income in the form of donations.

So how do you make money Twitch streaming Minecraft?

  • Donations – The way you can get players and fans to support you and donate is by having an active online community and interacting with them via your live chat or the comment section of your videos. It’s all about access. But there’s one thing that really helps get followers to be more generous; “showering” content! That means uploading at least two pieces of new material every day while still giving viewers enough time for their other favorite streamers’ broadcasts, too.
  • Twitch Prime Memberships – It doesn’t matter what level it is as long as they’re regularly renewing (every 30 days).
  • Selling Merchandise – Once you have a decent size community following, you can make a living by selling shirts, hats, stickers, and other merchandise.
  • Sponsorships – An excellent way to earn some cash is to get sponsored brands on your channel.

Create a Minecraft-Related Youtube Channel

If you want to make money playing Minecraft, it might be easier than you think. In fact, one of the best ways is through Youtube. A YouTube channel can provide many opportunities for making some cash and even grow faster than a Twitch account – especially if your video goes viral or gets featured on other channels like PewDiePie’s, which has more subscribers than any other YouTuber (more than 40 million).

making money playing minecraft on youtube

Granted, to get paid from your YouTube account, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. However, there are plenty of ways you can expedite this process, such as promoting your content by contacting people who have large community followings. So start cranking out high-quality content today so that in the future, when you have enough online followers throughout the world, maybe they’ll fund just about anything you need!

With a mic, computer, and camera, it’s easy to start playing Minecraft while recording your gameplay footage. Once uploaded onto YouTube, there are various ways in which you can make money off of these views from users who support you. You could make money through revenue from ads or sponsored video links, a sure sign that you’re moving in the right direction and on the right platform.

You could also sell stuff like t-shirts and promote them on your channel so people won’t need to search around five different sites just trying to figure out where they can find their favorite shirt. You could always do live streaming and accept donations from viewers and users who enjoy watching you play games all day long–you’ll never get bored with that!

Make Money with a Minecraft Server

You might be surprised to hear it, but there are several private servers on Minecraft where you have to pay or purchase game items and skins with real money. If you’ve had experience hosting one before, then this could be your golden opportunity!

It’s true. There are tons of ways to monetize your server. The only problem is getting people over to play the game on it in the first place or “selling” your server. If you want a user base that will stay with you for weeks and months, then create something different than other servers out there – like implementing new game modes or inventing incredible architecture.

On top of this, you should advertise your server by registering it on all popular game databases and providing detailed information on what makes your server different. A strong YouTube channel can help you promote your personal Minecraft server.

Minecraft servers are great because they can be used to make money. You could do something like open up a web store and sell products for the game or charge people for server access. There’s also the option of receiving donations from your game community, taking membership fees, getting sponsored by other game companies who would want to connect with you through this platform, streaming gameplay on Twitch/YouTube so that it gets more attention (and therefore leads to product revenue), or using specific monetization software to generate income-generating digital items.

There’s no end when it comes to how you can monetize your own Minecraft server – just keep experimenting until you find things worth doing at scale.

Create Artwork

Believe it or not, there is money to be made in the Minecraft world if you’re an artist. People are willing to pay for high-quality drawings, paintings, and digital graphic designs of their favorite characters with specific skins. If you have artistic abilities and know your way around this popular game, consider starting a seller account with links on Fiverr. There you can charge anywhere between $5-$100 per design.

It’s not gonna make you rich, but if it’s something you love, then it might be a great way to help pay for groceries or funnel money into buying more games. Creating designs on YouTube banners and logos is super fun too! Most of the time they’re around $10, so even making one twice a week will average out to about an extra $80 each month – that could really start adding up as long as your artwork isn’t terrible.

Build In-Game Things for People

Hey, genius Minecraft architects! You can make money building things in Minecraft. Check out some listings on Fiverr to see if you’re skilled enough to compete with the top sellers. It might be hard getting sales without being at their level, but it’s worth checking out – all you need is a free account and know how to build unique buildings and maps for people who are willing to pay. The market really is wide open.

Of course, one of the best ways to build up your reputation as a Minecraft builder is by pitching some ideas for servers and seeing if they need anything built. You might be surprised how many people hire you just because their server lobby was looking kind of bland! If not that, though, then maybe someone might need help building something specific like an entire biome or new spawn area.

Sell Minecraft Merchandise

So, you’re a Minecraft fan? If so, you’ve seen Minecraft designs printed on t-shirts and other items. There is a vast online market for this kind of gear.

making money playing minecraft by selling merch

That means it’s time to get your creative juices flowing with this idea. If you have any artistic ability, go ahead and start creating some high-quality artwork that would look good as print-on-demand products like mugs or towels. Print-on-demand websites like Redbubble make it easy for artists who sell digital prints of their work (so they can be replicated over and over again).

With the right marketplace, you’ll be able to design stickers, t-shirts, notebooks, mugs, and more with these websites. You just need to create a product page for it! The best part? You don’t even need any heavy lifting because the company takes care of the printing and manufacturing for you – all that’s left is what YOU DO BEST: designing things (although you might have to do a bit of marketing to get your designs out there in the marketplace).

Start A Minecraft Website

Do you want to make money playing Minecraft but don’t like any of the ideas on this list? You can also consider just playing and starting a website about your experiences. Writing posts takes time but, if done right, can be a very lucrative side hustle.

Your website might have posts all about the things that you’ve learned and experienced while playing Minecraft. You don’t have to write an informative post every time – sometimes, it might just be enough for gamers to read what happened when you faced off with another player in-game.

  • What did they say or do?
  • How did it feel being there as events unfolded?

It’s really up to you how creative/artistic/interesting you want your website to be. Still, either way, blogging is one of those jobs where even if you don’t make a lot of money from it, you’re still getting some kind of fulfillment out of what you do and the services you offer.

Suppose your website has excellent content, links, and visitors. In that case, ads might be an option but again – remember that blogging is not just about money and income. Otherwise, why would anyone bother to keep up with maintaining one?

The company I use for hosting this blog is Bluehost if you want to go this route.

Become an Affiliate

If you don’t want to do any creative work but still want an income from gaming, consider becoming an affiliate for someone who has put in the creative work. An affiliate promotes another business’s services or products by linking to their site and getting paid a commission.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, find out the related company or site requirements for joining first. Be sure that they have something of value that will make your efforts worthwhile because if not, then it’s just going to be more work with no payoff, which is never fun. On the plus side, becoming an affiliate is usually a free way to approach monetization.

Affiliate marketing can provide a nice balance between making an income and letting someone else do all the creative work – plus, there are plenty of programs where you don’t need any kind of website or hosting at all! All you need are affiliate links.

One last point: remember that people buy from who they know, like, and trust, so make sure your content portrays positive related experiences.

Wrap Up

Gaming on Minecraft is a creative way to make money. Your personality, skillset, interests, location, and other factors will determine which of the ways to make money playing Minecraft works best for you – but they all can help you if your goal is a little bit of money-making. Which option do you think would be your favorite? Donations? Offering services? Building and hosting Minecraft servers? Let me know in the comments below.