How to Best Make Money Translating Books: Earn $1000 a Week

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Do you enjoy reading books and learning about new cultures? If so, then you might be interested in the idea of making money translating books. Translating is an art that not many people know how to do well. It’s a skill that takes years to perfect, but if you want to get started with it today, there are several ways for beginners like yourself to make money translating books.

What is Book Translation?

Make money translating books: what is books translation?

Before we get into the business of translating, it’s important to understand what exactly book translation is. Most people take reading as a leisure activity. But for those who speak different languages, reading can become a lifelong learning experience.

When you read a book in another language, either from your country or from somewhere else around the world, you are essentially learning about other cultures and ways of living. So if you enjoy cultural exchange and want to make money doing something that also helps others learn more about foreign societies, then becoming a professional book freelance translator might be a good choice for you.

If this is you, then book translation might be a better option than making money writing technical articles, for example.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Translate Books?

make money translating books

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you start translating books.

Fluency in both languages

Fluency in both languages is a must as a freelance translator. If you don’t know the language in which the book was originally written, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to translate it. Additionally, knowledge of both languages gives you a deeper understanding of the original text so that you can produce a better translation for your client.

Knowledge of the culture

Similar to knowing both languages, knowledge of the culture helps you know exactly what parts of the text will be most important for native speakers. It also ensures that your translation is more accurate and that it includes all the details of the original document. A lot more goes into translating a book than just writing.

Freelance translators must understand idioms, slang, formatting conventions, etc., so if you aren’t familiar with these things in one language, it’s probably best to translate from a different language instead. As long as you know both languages very well or are willing to learn them both very quickly, there are some great ways for you to start making money online by translating books today.

Ability to read and write the target language

Being able to read and write the target language is another important qualification. It’s not enough just to know both languages. Even native speakers can struggle with reading and writing their language if they haven’t done it for a while, so be prepared for that possibility as well.

Furthermore, your client will expect you to be able to produce a high-quality translation without any errors or typos, so make sure you have those skills as well before you start translating books professionally.

Knowledge of grammar of that language

This is another very important qualification. It’s not enough to be fluent in the language you’re translating into if you don’t know how to use it correctly. If your translation is full of mistakes (using wrong articles, nouns, or verbs), both your client and readers will notice, and chances are good that they won’t come back for more.

In addition, an incorrect translation can damage your client’s reputation as well as make them look bad in front of their customer base. This makes perfect grammar a necessity when you translate books professionally.

Ability to understand nuances of meaning or idioms

If you don’t know how things are done in another country, then it’s easy for you to misinterpret phrases that may seem perfectly normal to a native speaker.

You should be able to look up unfamiliar words or use other resources to find appropriate translations before you start translating books. If your client asks for something specific – like certain phrasing, an idiom, etc., make sure you understand what they mean before giving them your translation.


Last but certainly not least, you have to be able to pay very close attention to details if you want to translate books well. There’s a lot of fine-tuning involved in book translation, and even just one missed word can change the meaning completely from one language into another.

This is why being patient and paying close attention are so important when it comes time for you to translate books professionally.

What is the Book Translation Process?

make money translating books: the process

To start this business, you must first be aware of the general book translation process.

Translation and Contacting the Client

The first step toward earning money by translating books is contacting your client and finding out whether they want a simple straightforward translation with no changes in word structure or phrasing, or if they want it highly adapted so that it reads more like a native speaker wrote it. Either way, you’ll need to read over the original text yourself before starting work on their project.


After the client has approved the final draft of your translation, proofread it for any mistakes you might have missed during all your research and writing time.

Marketing and Selling Your Services

Once you’re done with your proofreading, it’s time to sell your services. Let everyone know that you’re looking for clients and let them know that they can contact you for more information if necessary.

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Contacting the Client

The most important part of this process is contacting the client. You should make every effort to find out what kind of style they want in their translation before you even start working on it. This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings later when they ask for revisions or mention typos they spot along the way.

After all, knowing how to translate books well means paying close attention to details without ever getting too attached to a certain phrase or word so that your client gets exactly what they asked for.

Proofreading Again

Once the client has approved your final draft, you’ll need to proofread it again for any mistakes. Remember that even just one mistake can completely change the meaning of a sentence in another language. This is why book translation requires being very patient and paying close attention to every aspect of the text before giving it to your client.

Can You Make Money Translating Books?

make money translating books

Your income from book translation will depend on several factors. These include how quickly you can translate a given work, your experience in professional text translation, and how much competition exists in your particular field of expertise.

How Long it Takes to Translate a Book

The amount of time it takes to translate a book depends on many different factors. You need to consider the length of the original text, its complexity, the type of translation requested by the client (simple or adapted), and your level of expertise in this field.

Most translation jobs fall somewhere between 2 months and 1 year for full-length books. However, these estimates are just that – estimates – because there’s no way to accurately predict how long it will take you to complete a certain book translation.

Your Experience as a Translator

The more experience you have translating books, the easier it will be for you to finish them on time and under budget. However, don’t let inexperience discourage you from applying for book translation jobs that are well within your ability. Most clients are willing to wait longer if needed so long as their translator is new to this kind of work.

Your Level of Competitiveness in Your Field

By its very nature, the book translation industry is highly competitive. It involves high-stakes projects completed on tight deadlines with extremely small tolerances for error due to their potential impact on sales figures for major publishers and retailers of translated material. This is why knowing how to translate books well is a crucial part of any effective book translation service.

How to Find a Book to Translate

Find books to translate.

There are many different places where you can find books to translate. However, it’s best if you start by specializing in a particular genre or kind of book rather than trying to work on everything all at once.


Clients will be the most important source of income for your part-time book translation agency. They’re generally more motivated to pay a reasonable rate for quality translations that they can use to sell their products and services better into foreign markets. This is why knowing how to translate books well is so important when it comes time to contact clients about your rates and availability for future projects.


One way of finding clients who might want you to translate books is by looking online for publishers who have previously published foreign authors. You can then contact the publisher directly and request permission to translate one or more of their books into your target language. This is an effective way of breaking in to this industry while establishing long-term relationships with clients who may turn out to hire you for other projects later on.

Translation Competitions

Many corporations, embassies, universities, and other organizations run annual contests where they invite writers from all over the world to submit a story or essay in a given language along with a finished translation of that same text into another language. Depending on how well-known the original author is, these competitions can open doors for you by introducing you to publishers who might be interested in hiring you directly.

Online Translation Forums

Translation forums are a great way of finding clients who might want you to translate books. Make some posts about your services that include a link to your website and contact information so that clients can get in touch with you.

Wrap Up

In short, the more experience you have as a book translator and the better you know how to translate books well, the easier it will be for you to find work and make money translating books. However, don’t let inexperience deter you from applying for jobs that are well within your abilities. If you keep working at it every day and contacting clients with interesting projects, you’ll certainly find some eventually.

FAQ – Make Money Translating Books

How much do you get paid to translate a book?

Typically, you will be paid a flat fee per book that ranges from $300 to several thousand dollars, depending on how long it is and the linguistic complexity of the text. However, if a client hires you to translate multiple books from their catalogue or from books by other publishers who have previously published authors in your target language, you may be able to negotiate a higher rate or ask for royalties based on sales of those books.

Can you make money translating online?

Yes! One of the best ways to earn money translating online is by joining a freelance translation platform such as Upwork or, which provides opportunities to translate documents, websites, audio files, and other kinds of content from English into your target language.

How much do translators usually charge per word?

In the US, you’ll typically be paid somewhere between $0.10 and $0.30 when you translate for money per word depending on what kind of work you’re doing and whether or not it’s an academic text about a difficult subject matter.

Can you make a living being a translator nowadays? 

Yes, you can make around $1000 a week doing it.  The answer to that question is yes, but not for everyone. There are some niches where you can make an extremely good living as a translator – but you need to know how to translate AND the subject has to be in demand.

What are some other ways to make money with your language?

Don’t forget that book translation isn’t the only way to make money with your language skills. You can also make money through subtitling or make money by transcription.