Make Money Hunting: Have Fun Earning $2,000 a Month

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Hunting is the practice of pursuing wildlife for food or sport. Hunting can be done with a variety of weapons, from a bow and arrow to a rifle. People hunt both small game, such as deer and rabbits, and larger wildlife like moose and elk.

In some countries, hunting wildlife is part of the culture or even an important economic activity for most people. In other places, it’s prohibited by law or strongly discouraged by animal rights organizations because they see it as cruel to kill wildlife unnecessarily for entertainment when there are so many other sources of protein available that don’t involve killing them first.

Meanwhile, in still other places people want to hunt endangered species specifically because they want to make sure those populations remain strong enough to survive into the future despite human pressures on the environment.

And some people get paid to hunt.

Different Ways to Make Money Hunting

Here is a free list of different ways that you can make money hunting and get paid for running a hunting business.

make money hunting

Hunting for Food

In places where hunting is legal, you can make a significant portion of income or even support their families by selling the meat from wildlife to butchers and restaurants. This can be done through big game hunting, or by hunting smaller wildlife before selling them.

When hunting you have to consider the state you live in, as most states allow hunting during the specific hunting season, but some states won’t let allow you to hunt (it’s usually not free).

In smaller towns, you can make money hunting by also selling the wild game you catch to other hunters who bring guns out into the bush with them.

If hunting is too daunting, consider raising bees for extra money.

Also, to make extra cash you can just set up a stand near a farmer’s market and do short transactions all day long without having any one customer buy too much, you could also sell your game to local butchers that might be interested in purchasing some meat whether its chickens, hogs, or coyote.

In areas where demand for wild game is high, hunters can charge more than they would eventually pay to butcher shops or restaurants.

If there’s enough demand in their area, some of them will head out into the bush every few days with friends and family members who want to help you make more profit.

Someone may act as a guide for extra money for his services, helping everyone find the animals and come up with strategies so no one has to take chances risking their life by moving around on dangerous terrain without backup or proper knowledge of what they’re doing.

be a hunting guide

Being a Hunting Guide

As a hunting guide, you can make money by taking people into the bush who are eager to hunt wildlife.

You can also lead hunting expeditions for people and guide them on a traditional hunting experience. By doing this you can make a large amount of extra income, due to the large demand for hunting guides.

Guides don’t necessarily have to carry weapons themselves, but they do need to know what they’re doing out in nature because the groups they accompany will expect them to be able to lead them back out before sundown or show them where there’s shelter nearby if it happens to get dark suddenly.

Guides also need to be well-informed about which areas are safe for shooting and which aren’t.

If you are a professional hunter or you have a lot of experience, you can guide hunting parties and make a large amount of money.

Moving forward after a few years you could turn this into a full-time job, eventually starting your own business to start making money faster.

To become a professional guide, You need to understand the information of your area by studying maps of their area, talking with many hunters who live nearby, and figuring out how water flows through the land during different seasons so that everyone knows where it’s likely to be deeper or shallower at various times throughout the year.

As a hunting guide, you will make sure that you take people on a traditional hunting experience that most hunters would go through during the hunting season.

renting out hunting equipment

Renting Out Hunting Equipment

Instead of having to spend a lot of money buying weapons and other hunting supplies, some people choose to rent out hunting gear.

If there are lots of other hunters in the area who go out into the bush regularly during different seasons, renting gear might be enough to keep someone’s head above water all year long without having to do anything else at all.

Renting equipment for a day can be relatively cheap depending on how far everyone is planning to travel.

You can charge people based on whether they want to hunt for one day, several days, or longer than that.

However, renting out supplies may not be enough to support someone who hunts seasonally rather than all year long because demand is lower during the winter months when it’s harder for hunters to find things to eat.

However, you can start a business where year-round you rent and sell products that are related to hunting.

A seasoned hunter can give out knowledge like maps of the area and tips to new hunters, or you can sell clothing like boots and clothing, or you can rent out hunting products and tools to help you find a game like a gun or fishing rod.

make money as a game warden

Making Money as a Game Warden

Game wardens need to take classes in a guide school and or training courses in environmental conservation before getting their job offers because they spend most of their time out in nature studying local wildlife to keep track of the numbers so hunters don’t illegally kill too many animals.

Afterward, these employees may have to hike through dangerous areas where there isn’t enough potable water or other resources for human beings outside of those located near towns and other settlements.

They spend a lot of time hiking around alone making sure everyone follows the rules about reporting which types of animals they saw and how many of them were there so that no one can claim they got lost and had to shoot at something without knowing what kind of animal it was.

Game wardens are paid well compared to most other jobs in rural areas, but the high cost of living in places where few people live means that they may still not be able to afford whatever their hearts desire unless they have additional sources of income besides their regular wages.

Overall as a game warden, you can get paid and earn money on the side. Being a game warden, you will most likely need to have another part-time job, to earn enough money. However, if you have a higher-paying job, you can also be a game warden on the side.

take pictures with a camera trap

Taking Pictures with a Camera Trap

There are all kinds of hunters who make money every time they go out into nature.

Some work with licensed tour companies or outfitters who arrange hunting trips for visitors from outside the area whether these tourists enjoy hiking through mountainous regions during summer months or skiing on the same trails during winter.

People who love to hunt can apply for these jobs as guides after they’ve been working as fishing or wildlife experts at a national park or another protected area for several years because it’s an area where people from outside of the country are allowed to go hunting without having first arranged a special permit to do so.

A camera trap is a device that a hunter can set up in the forest to take pictures of whatever walks by, regardless of the weather conditions.

When tourists are out on guided hunts, they can give their guide permission to turn these devices on whenever they see an animal that looks interesting without scaring it away.

The pictures that are captured then go into a database where scientists can research the population numbers of different species.

This information makes it easier for companies to sell permits for hunting trips since they know how many animals there are where people will be hunting.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of building your own camera traps or other similar contraptions, you may be able to find someone willing to be your assistant who can help set up the different devices in the different locations.

The fact that there’s a market for selling pictures of wildlife means that you can also make money by selling your pictures or videos.

There are lots of people who would love to see cute and cuddly animals like baby bears, deer, and other creatures while they’re sitting at home in their living rooms even though it may be illegal to kill them if they were living outside of a protected area under normal circumstances.

If you enjoy taking pictures and enjoy the outdoors and the outdoor industry, you can easily do this and get paid to do so.

rent out hunting land

Renting Out Hunting Land

If you happen to own a large piece of potential hunting property or land that could be considered hunting land, you may want to rent it out to hunters so you can make extra money.

You will need to be safe and familiarize yourself with the laws that apply when people are allowed to kill certain wildlife at specific times without getting in trouble with local authorities.

You will have to make sure you follow certain regulations that have been put in place and make sure you follow those regulations to make sure that your hunting property is not taken by local authorities.

If you own land like this, you can advertise it as good hunting land or hunting property. This will create more ways for you to make a few extra dollars through hunting.

selling animal pelts

Selling Animal Pelts

If you want to make money off of your prey, you will need to contact a fur trader as soon as possible to ensure so that you can sell pelts for as much as possible before the wildlife begins rotting and stinking up the place where they’re being stored.

Pelts tend to lose a lot of their value if you wait too long before going through with the sale because it means there is a risk that other people could find them first and get all of your potential customers interested in buying something else instead.

Cleaning the pelts yourself is an excellent way to make money by hunting since many people would be willing to buy and purchase the animal pelts.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, then this can be an excellent option for you since there’s no shortage of pelts and the demand for pelts in the United States.

animal bounties

Earning Animal Bounties

Some states and counties set up programs where there are bounties on particular animals who have been known to cause lots of damage to crops, livestock, and even be dangerous to the health and safety of people.

An example of this could be feral hogs or wild game that is damaging things.

Bounties can encourage large groups of people with the right skills and the correct tools to work together to get rid of these problem creatures without having to worry about going through a lot of red tapes or risking their lives doing so.

One example is that some areas will offer $25 for each raccoon’s head since they like to carry around rabies which is often fatal especially if it spreads from one person to another.

If you’re someone who has lots of free time during the day, then this could be an excellent way for you to make money by hunting. You can spend time collecting the bounty for many of the wildlife in your area.

It’s also worth noting that many farmers are willing to pay big bucks for hunters to kill rabbits, rats, and other creatures around their farms since they can eat up lots of crops before anyone has a chance to harvest them.

There are many different ways that people can make money fast hunting even if they’re the only ones going out into the woods.

There are all kinds of guides and tour companies out there who would love to have someone working for them who knows their way around nature, has experience with both firearms and other tools, and enjoys spending time outdoors in one of the least populated places on earth.

Be sure to take the necessary safety courses before you start hunting because it’s serious business. If you’re not allowed to bring a gun onto certain areas, then don’t risk getting caught because doing so will result in trouble with the law which you don’t want to deal with under any circumstances.

FAQ – How to Make Money Hunting

How can I make money hunting?

One of the most common ways you can make money by hunting is to sell animal pelts to hunters, fur traders, and leather workers. There are also bounties on certain species that damage property or pose a danger to people nearby which you can take part in if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

What tips do I need to know before hunting?

Hunting is a serious business that requires training and safety courses. You can’t just go into the woods without being aware of your surroundings because it could be dangerous if you don’t take necessary precautions as soon as possible before starting your hunt.

How much money can I make by hunting?

It’s hard to put an exact number on how much you’re going to make when it comes to hunting, but if you know what kinds of wildlife like deer are in your area and where you can find them at different times during the day (and night) then there shouldn’t be any trouble with making a decent amount of money as a hunter.

How can I get started hunting?

The first thing you want to do is take a hunting safety course before going out into the woods on your own. Once you have that under your belt, then find out if any townships near you have bounties on certain wildlife which you can legally take part in. If you have all of the right permits and licenses, then this is a great job to make a lot of money if you know what you’re doing and have been trained for such a lifestyle.

Can I get paid to hunt?

There are many hunting jobs out there that will pay you to hunt such as guides, tour companies, sport hunting, renting out your property, or selling meat. You don’t necessarily need to be hired by anyone to make money by hunting since you can also wait for different bounties so getting a job is never 100% necessary when it comes to making dollars as a hunter with your own business.