Make Money Curb Painting for Less Than $30: Best Tips & Tricks

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Are you looking for a side gig that can generate some extra income? If so, curb painting might be the perfect solution. It only takes a few hours to get started making money. In this article, I’ll discuss how to make money as a curb painter and provide some helpful tips and tricks to get you started the right way.

The Benefits of Curb Painting as a Side Hustle

Curb painting offers a lot of benefits for anyone looking to make some extra cash. For starters, you can set your own schedule and work around other common commitments important in your life, such as school or family time.

There’s no need to commit any more than an hour or two at a time either; this is just the perfect side-gig if you’re always on the go! You also have complete control over how much money you want to make each day and week, which means there’s absolutely nothing holding you back from earning big bucks doing curb painting when it works best with your lifestyle.

Finally, to begin with, you don’t have to spend very much money at all. You can begin for less than $30. There aren’t many side hustles you can start with such little capital (unlike making money with surveys), making this a perfect one for those just starting out on the side hustle journey.

Why Curb Painting is Important

You might not think curb painting is essential; however, it is. Let’s say you’re a police officer, ambulance driver, or fireman trying to locate a house, but there aren’t any numbers painted on the curb. It’ll take you much longer to search for the right house, which can cause a delay in getting help. The police and other first responders depend on those numbers and addresses in their daily job.

Furthermore, curb painting is vital for people who require assistance from others when they’re outside of their homes; these individuals might not be able to read house numbers or addresses and rely on those painted on curbs to know where they are located.

If there’s no proper curb painting, it could mean danger if someone doesn’t have any way of communicating with emergency services after an accident.

Equipment Needed to Get Started

Curb painting stencils to get started.

So what do you need to become a curb painter? Luckily, there are not very many things. You’ll need paint and brushes, of course, but you may also want some old clothes (don’t worry – you probably have these already).

It would be best if you also bought some paint, primarily black and white.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to paint a curb address or curb numbers, Rustoleum is one of the best choices. The flat protective enamel doesn’t peel or chip off easily, and it’s easy to find in stores all over town. This is often better than glossy paint but can still be reflective, which is helpful for drivers trying to see an address in the dark.

Finally, you should search for and buy some number stencils so that you can paint the numbers on the curb the right way.

While you can buy all this equipment separately, you can buy everything together in a curb painting kit to make it easier.

How to Find the Right Customers

When it comes to finding the right people to pay you for this job, you have a few options. You can search for your clients by knocking on doors in an area or neighborhood and talking with homeowners about their curb painting needs or use social media platforms like Facebook to reach out to potential customers.

Homeowners in an area that already have visible house numbers painted on their curbs probably aren’t the best since they won’t need the service. So instead, try to search for customers who are:

  • New homeowners.
  • Homeowners with no visible numbers on their curb (or a homeowner that’s about to sell their house and move).
  • Older individuals needing assistance.

Those sales will be much easier.

It might take some time before people start responding, but once they do, it’ll be much easier for them to remember your name when the next curb needs a fresh coat of paint! And you’ll be the person who gets calls for those reserved painting jobs.

Finally, there are also online marketplaces for side gigs that cater specifically to this type of work which might be one way to start if you don’t feel confident in reaching out directly.

How Much Can You Realistically Make?

There isn’t a set number for how much curb painters can make; it all depends on your skills, the hours you put in, and the type of person that needs their address painted.

It does depend heavily on where you live! Let’s say that you charge an average of $20 per curb painting. However, you could easily do 10-15 curbs in one day (probably in about four hours if they’re nearby). That would give you between $200 and $250 per day with almost zero overhead.

That’s a pretty good return on investment and a nice side hustle that you could do on the weekends, potentially making about $1,000 a month. Add another side hustle like selling low content books and you could be making thousands per month.

Of course, what’s awesome about curb address painting is that you can increase or decrease business as much as you want, making it worth your while.

Some Things to Watch Out for as a Curb Painter

Curb painting tips and tricks.

There are a few things to watch out for as you start your new business. First of all, the paint needs some time to dry before any cars can drive over it and get dirty or damaged by the wet paint.

Secondly, curb painting is not just about finding sales. One of the most important parts of owning this type of business is to learn how to maintain relationships with clients so they’ll refer other people to you when they want their address painted again.

It would be best if you also were comfortable with scheduling appointments and providing a professional service.

Curb Painting Scams

Some of your potential clients might be put off by your offer to paint their number on your curb. That’s because curb painting scams do exist.

This scam is when a painter paints someone’s curb without getting their permission and then tells them that they owe money.

Sometimes these scammers will tell the homeowner that they are from the county or city and that the owner has to pay the “fee” or risk being fined.

This is simply not true and is, in fact, illegal. Unfortunately, that’s why some homeowners might be wary of hiring you for curb painting services.

Obviously, you won’t do this. But it’s good to know about some of the objections you might face when you offer your business services around your local neighborhood.

Curb Painting – Frequently Asked Questions

Is curb painting legal?

Yes! It’s not illegal to paint a curb in the United States.

How much does it cost to get started curb painting?

The startup costs are minimal because all you require is some paint and stencils – they’re even recyclable, so no worries there! Plus, remember that since this is just an extra income opportunity for you, you won’t need to invest in any large equipment or spend a significant amount of money.

What are the common dangers associated with curb painting at a home?

The main dangers associated with curb painting at a home are cars driving on the roadway (put out cones so people know you’re there) and weather-related issues (like overheating or getting too cold in the winter).

Do you have to be a licensed contractor for curb painting?

No, curb painting is not regulated, and it’s not required to have any licenses or a permit. Anyone can paint curbs as long as your local laws allow you to do so.

What are the best tips for making money with this side hustle business idea?

One of the most important parts of owning this type of business is to learn how to maintain relationships with clients so they’ll refer other people to you when they want their address painted the best tips for making money with this side hustle business idea?

Another great tip for making money curb painting, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of experience yet, is to offer packages or deals like a discounted rate for a package of two or three curbs.

Do you have to have insurance for address painting?

No, curb painting is not regulated, and it’s not required to have any licenses, but it’s never a bad idea to have some form of general liability insurance.