Make Money by Making Subtitles: The Easiest Way to Get Started Today

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Some people you know might be making money from their hobbies. They could be making clothes, designing furniture, programming apps, or playing music. You can make money too! All you need is a computer and an internet connection. This article will show you how to make money by making subtitles today!

Why You Should Become a Subtitler?

Having a way to make money from your hobby can bring you extra spending money, allow you to quit you day job, or even earn enough to become self-employed.

The problem is that you might need some capital to start! Or you have no idea how to get started with making money in the first place. Subtitles are an easy way to start making money through something you’re already good at – watching TV shows. You just need a computer and an internet connection.

Filmmakers spend large amounts of money creating subtitles for their own movies. They pay people who are fluent in different languages ​​to subtitle their creations. That’s why it’s surprisingly easy to make subtitles at home – you already have all you need!

With subtitles you don’t need any extra materials or equipment, you’ll only need a computer with internet access and some free time. You can start making money from home right now without having to spend any money at all.

What Does a Subtitler Do?

Make money by making subtitles.

Subtitlers make subtitles for movies or TV series. You can make subtitles in your native language; you don’t even need to speak the same language as the movie you’re subtitling. Making subtitles is very easy and you can make money from home without any investment.

In order to subtitle a video you have to do two things:

  • Watch the video you want to subtitle
  • Write out all the words you hear on a piece of paper.

If you already know how to write academic texts you should be able to subtitle a movie by yourself within just a few hours.

The reason subtitling is so important is because you have to translate all the words you hear in a video. Subtitling is used for many different purposes: you can subtitle a movie so it’s available on another language or you can create subtitles providing additional information about what you see on screen.

How Much Money you Can Earn with Subtitles?

Make money by making subtitles.

You can make money with subtitles in two different ways. One of the most common ways you can make money is by creating subtitles for movies you have already watched. By doing this you are making subtitles for friends, family or even your favorite TV show.

Another way you can use subtitles to earn money is by getting paid to subtitle videos you haven’t seen before! Subtitling videos you haven’t seen before can be difficult but you can earn money easily. Many filmmakers want to make their movies available in different languages ​​so they will pay you to subtitle them.

(Remember that subtitling is different than captioning videos.)

How you will get paid?

There are many different ways you can get paid for making subtitles or captioning jobs. The most common way you will get paid is through a per minute system. Your payment is based on the number of minutes you have subtitled combined with how many words you have subtitled.

Subtitling books you will get paid by hour instead of by the minute. You can make more money if you work during your spare time, so you can create subtitles in your free time and when you have a lot of extra money you can spend it on whatever you want.

What to Subtitle?

Make money by making subtitles.

Subtitles are used for all different types of media:

  • TV shows and movies
  • videos and documentaries
  • audio content like music.

The majority of subtitles you will be working on will be for movies or TV series but you can also subtitle audio or podcasts. So you see you can make money by making subtitles you you have a lot of different types of media to work with.

The most common type you will be subtitling is movies, but you can also get paid for subtitles you make for TV shows and documentaries. Subtitles are also very easy to create so you will get more money if you subtitle something you’ve already seen before.

How Much Money do You Need to get Started?

How to get started making money by making subtitles.

You don’t need any money at all to get started making subtitles for other people. You can make a lot of money without spending a single dollar.

That being said you will only make a few dollars a week if you subtitle something you already know, but you can make much more money if you subtitle something you haven’t seen before. Subtitling videos you haven’t seen before takes much longer and you will not be able to subtitle as many videos as you usually do.

Don’t worry though – even though you won’t be able to work as hard as normal you will still make enough money from each video to cover your expenses! The extra time needed for working on movies/TV shows/documentaries you haven’t already watched will mean you will get paid more for subtitles you make.

You also don’t need any special software to subtitle videos you haven’t already seen because there are thousands of open source subtitle programs you can download online that you can use absolutely free!

Even though you will only be working on movies/TV shows/documentaries you have already seen you will still be able to charge money for your work if people are willing to pay you.

You probably won’t have many customers at first, but just by making subtitles when you have time you’ll build up a list of regular clients who will keep coming back whenever they want subtitles.

This is the best way to start making money with subtitling because it doesn’t cost anything and no experience is needed. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you’ll be making money instantly!

Subtitles you make can be used by anyone, whether you gave the subtitles you finished to someone else or if you keep them for yourself. You can even sell your subtitled work on ebay or use it as a marketing tool to get more customers – whatever you want you will be able to do.

Once you’ve been working online for a while you might find that people are willing to pay you much more than you charge so now you can start charging $100 per hour! If subtitles take up about five hours of your time each week then you should be billing at least $500 per week or $2500 per month.

The amount you can bill you depends on how much you charge and how many hours you work so you will have to find your own price, but once you’ve been subtitling for a while you’ll quickly find your maximum billing.

You should always check the subtitles you make as you’re working as well as all other subtitles you receive as you can catch a lot of mistakes if you look closely! Mistakes are easy to fix – just click on the subtitle that contains a mistake and then click edit, then go back into the video and see if it’s been fixed properly. If not continue editing and checking and once all errors (including missing words) have been corrected save them and send them off to your client.

You might even be able to start your own company and hire other people who want to subtitle movies, TV shows and documentaries they haven’t already seen! Making subtitles isn’t very difficult when you know how so anyone with basic computer skills should be able to do it, but if you think it’s just too easy then keep in mind that there is a lot you can learn about subtitling.

One of the most important things you should remember when you are making subtitles is to have fun! The best thing about working online is that you decide how you work, so you decide what qualities you want in a boss.

If you go to an office every day then you will get paid more but you’ll also have to do whatever your boss tells you – which means no late night hours or weekends! Online there are not many restrictions so you can choose where and when you work as well as deciding how much money you want to make by choosing how hard and how long you want to work for.

You can even tell customers what they must pay if they don’t agree with the price – just say no to jobs you don’t like and say yes to anything you want.

Where Can You Find Subtitling Jobs?

Where can you find subtitling jobs?

When you first start making subtitles you may find it hard to find good jobs but you can make up for this by charging less and working more hours. It will take you a while to get used to subtitling (especially if you don’t understand English) but as you become better you should be able to charge more.

Soon you’ll be able to make at least $100 per hour which is enough money for anyone, especially students! If you’re not a student then you should try and subtitle as much as possible every day (even on the weekends) so that you have lots of work booked in advance.

While most people choose to subtitle movies/documentaries they haven’t already seen it’s also possible to subtitle TV shows – you can make as much as $50 per hour by making subtitles for the same TV show you’ve already seen which you probably won’t be able to do if you don’t speak English.

If you want to start subtitling you should try and find subtitles online (even better ones you haven’t already seen) and then learn what you can about subtitling before starting to work on your own subtitles.

This will give you an idea of how it works and how much money you can make per job, but remember that most people who subtitle movies they’ve already seen will offer less than those who subtitle something new – so you’ll need to choose between more hours for less money or fewer hours for more money.

To get started you simply choose a TV show you haven’t already seen and then you can look at some subtitles online to get an idea of what you should do.

Pros to Becoming a Subtitler

There are lots of good things about making subtitles – you get to work at your own pace, you can change jobs whenever you want and you can charge whatever you want.

As you become better at subtitling you’ll be able to make more money so if you’re hardworking then you should have no problems whatsoever in making subtitles for other people.

The best thing is that you can subtitle as much or as little as you like (depending on the hours you choose to work) which means it’s perfect for students who need to earn some extra cash.

If you don’t speak English but still need to make money fast then working online is one of the fastest ways to do it while at the same time having fun.

Cons to Becoming a Subtitler

However there are a few problems you should know about before writing subtitles for money. Firstly you have to choose between making lots of money each hour but only working for a short time or you can work fewer hours and make less money – you just need to decide how much you want to earn per job.

It’s also possible for you to make mistakes when you subtitle which will either mean you’ll lose some customers or you’ll make less money out of the job – it all depends on your experience and skills. If you don’t like the sound of this (or any other) online job then don’t do it. There’s no point in getting into something that doesn’t suit you so always remember that nothing is worth doing if it makes you unhappy.

In this case, you might prefer making money by writing technical articles.

If you’re only getting started then you’ll need to get used to subtitling which can take a while but there are lots of resources you can use to help you along the way. Remember you can subtitle as little or as much as you want so it’s perfect for students who want a bit more cash!

FAQ – Making Money by Making Subtitles

How much money will I make?

It all depends on how you work – you should be able to make between $10-$20 per hour but you might need to work a lot of hours before you get there. If you’re only getting started you should try and make subtitles in bulk.

How fast do you have to work?

You can work at your own pace but you need to find a balance between speed and quality which you’ll learn over time. Remember you can adjust the price you charge per hour if you want to make more money or you can subtitle faster for less money.

Is it difficult to make subtitles?

You can practice a lot and you’ll be able to subtitle as quickly or slowly as you like – it all depends on how you manage your time. Just remember if you’re going to make subtitles for other people you need to do a good job otherwise you’ll lose you’re rep and you’ll get less work.

How can I get started?

You need to find a good subtitle provider, you might be given the subtitles you need or you could search for them on your own – if you choose the latter you can go to forums and torrent sites where you can download subtitles in various languages.

If you want a theoretical approach to subtitling, this book is a great start.

What skills do you need to subtitle?

You only need to be fluent in the language you want to subtitle in and you should speak English too. If you don’t then you won’t get much work because most customers will choose someone with a better command of English – remember you can always ask for work if you’re just getting started.

How long will you take to subtitle?

You need to work out the best way you can – you might be able to make subtitles quickly and you could subtitle in bulk so you have plenty of work available. If you’re new you should try and practice subtitles as much as possible before you start putting them online.