How to Make Money From Christmas: 5 Best Holiday Side Hustles

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas is approaching and the end of the year is fast-approaching as well. This means it’s a great time to start a side hustle, learn how to make money from Christmas, and have some fun at the same time.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but there are many things you can do from home or on-the-go to earn money. In this post we will go over 5 different opportunities so you can get started right away.

Let us know in the comments below which one interests you most or if we missed any good ones that can help you make extra money for Christmas.

how to make money from christmas

Hang Christmas Lights

If you’re a people person and aren’t afraid of a little hard work in the cold, you can always get money for Christmas by hanging Christmas lights. You can start this side hustle with minimal startup costs and make up to $1,00 per day from it.

How This Works

When the holidays rolls around, most people rely on family members or close friends to help decorate their homes for Christmas .

But if you want to make some extra cash or lower Christmas expenses while getting outside, put an ad online (such as Craigslist), print off some flyers, go door-to-door in your neighborhood , leave business cards at local stores , or post signs near busy intersections to drum up interest.

Why This Works

Hanging Christmas lights isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun time. For some people, it’s too dangerous or too much of a hassle. It can be a difficult job to do if it’s your first time.

But for people who have experience, it can be a fun and easy way to make some extra money. Plus, you’re helping others save money. This is a good way to make money for Christmas while working your own schedule and only having a few clients.

What You Need

  • Ladders (or a tall friend)
  • Pole saws or clippers
  • Garden hose
  • Cable ties
  • Lights (duh)


  1. Decide how many houses you want to do in one day. This will depend on the size of your neighborhood and how much time you want to spend hanging lights.
  2. Plan your route. Start by mapping out the neighborhoods you want to go to. Make a list of the addresses and plan out how long it will take you to visit them all.
  3. Bring supplies. You will want to bring the ladders, pole saws/clippers, garden hose, cable ties, and lights with you on your route.
  4. Start early. Try to knock out at least 2-3 houses per hour for optimum efficiency.
  5. Be Polite. Approach each house carefully but confidently. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the sun sets so that you don’t run out of daylight hours while working on a roof or in a tree.

Keep in mind that the weather can impact your work and how much money you make off this side hustle so be prepared and know what to do if it gets very cold or snows mid-hanging session.


This side hustle is easy to start once you figure out the logistics. How much money you’ll make depends on your time and how busy your neighborhood is during December. But this can be a great way to balance seasonal cheer with some fun work that pays off after Christmas.

make and deliver Christmas goodies

Make and Deliver Christmas Goodies

Christmas goodies are a must-have for the holidays. Why not make some extra money by making and delivering them? You can start this side hustle with little to no money and earn Christmas money if you do this right.

How This Works

There are two ways you can go about this: making and selling Christmas goodies or making and delivering them as a service.

To make and sell Christmas goodies, you will need to invest in some supplies up front. But after that, it’s a pretty simple process. All you have to do is make your goodies, package them nicely, and put up a few ads online or in your local community. When someone orders from you, you simply package it up and deliver it to them.

Why This Works

People love getting goodies of any kind around the holidays, especially for holiday gatherings and holiday parties. If you make good-looking and tasty treats, you can earn extra money in the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s without any special skills.

What You Need

  • Baking supplies (flour, sugar, butter, etc.)
  • Packaging supplies (boxes, bags, ribbon)
  • Delivery supplies (vehicle)


  1. Decide on what kind of goodies you want to sell and how many you will need to supply your customers.
  2. Decide if you plan to distribute flyers or ads online/in local papers when setting up this side hustle.
  3. Consider teaming up with a friend or two to make more goodies and split the profits.
  4. To make and deliver Christmas goodies as a service, you will need to invest in some food delivery supplies. This may include insulated bags/boxes, thermal liners, cold packs, and ice packs. You will also need a vehicle large enough to transport your supplies.

Keep in mind that this side hustle can be very seasonal and works best during the winter holidays so if you want to do it, either start early or plan on having another source of income for the rest of the year (like walking dogs for dog owners, pet sitting, or becoming a mystery shopper).


This side hustle is great because you can start it with relatively little cash and still make money in just a few hours. You will need to invest in supplies up front but after that, all you need is time (to make the goodies) and effort (to sell them).

The profitability also depends largely on how good your goods look—and taste! So don’t skimp out on quality ingredients—the better they are, the more people will pay for them. You could also try selling your goodies to a local grocery store or retail stores to make real money.

how to make money from Christmas

Provide Christmas Gift Wrapping Services

Christmas is the time of year when people get a lot of gifts. A great way to make money from Christmas is to provide gift wrapping services for people who don’t have the time or energy to do it on their own.

How This Works

You can offer your gift wrapping services on Craigslist , by word of mouth, or at local events that might need extra help with managing holiday crowds who are doing holiday shopping or grocery shopping.

Start this side hustle early because the earlier you start, the more customers will come your way and allow you to work through December. Obviously it works best when you target customers that don’t do online shopping or don’t have spare time.

What You Need

  • Gift-wrapping supplies (tape, scissors, bows)
  • Delivery supplies (vehicle or bags/boxes if delivering yourself)
  • Some creativity


  1. Decide on what kind of wrapping you want to do (traditional, themed, etc.) and make some samples.
  2. Put up flyers or post ads online to let people know you’re offering gift-wrapping services.
  3. Be prepared to wrap a lot of gifts in a short amount of time.
  4. Think about traveling to people’s houses so that it’s more convenient for them.


This side hustle is great because it’s relatively easy to start and doesn’t require a lot of supplies. You’ll need some creativity when it comes to wrapping the gifts, but that’s really the only skill you need.

It’s also a good side hustle to do if you live in a busy area because you will have more customers this way. If you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra Christmas money during the Christmas season, this is a great option.

how to make money from Christmas

Christmas Tree Delivery and Set-Up Service

Christmas trees are a big part of the winter holidays. Why not make some extra Christmas money from them by delivering and setting them up for people? (Here’s a more comprehensive article on how to make fast money for Christmas with Christmas tree delivery.)

How This Works

You can deliver and set up Christmas trees for people in your local community by putting flyers or ads online or in your local paper.

What You Need

  • Vehicle to transport the tree
  • Delivery supplies (boxes, wrapping, rope)
  • A good eye for finding the best trees
  • Tools for cutting and trimming the tree


  1. Decide on what kind of trees you want to offer for delivery/setup. You can choose between real or artificial trees.
  2. Get a price sheet together that outlines the cost of delivery, setup, and cutting the tree.
  3. Put up flyers or ads online to let people know you’re offering this service.
  4. Be prepared to do a lot of physical work. This service is definitely not for the weak!

Remember that you don’t have to stick with real Christmas trees for this service. You can also deliver and set up artificial trees as part of the service you offer. In addition, you could combine this service with grocery delivery or sell items that are related to Christmas.


If you live in an area with lots of neighborhoods, this is a great side hustle because it can make you quite a bit of extra Christmas money during the holidays. The more trees you get, the better—more orders = more opportunities to make some serious cash here!

But be warned: this side hustle requires hard work and dedication so don’t expect your customers to do most of the heavy lifting. You will need to get into shape if want to succeed at this one. (This is the same for delivery drivers who also lift a lot of heavy packages.)

Christmas caroling service

Christmas Caroling Service

Christmas caroling is a great way to spread some holiday cheer while making some money. While it’s not as popular as it used to be, there are still people who love to hear Christmas carols sung in person and can be a way for you to make more money or extra income to buy Christmas gifts.

How This Works

You can offer your services as a Christmas caroler by putting flyers or ads online or in your local paper. You can also contact local churches and businesses to see if they’re interested in hiring carolers for their events.

What You Need

  • Christmas caroling songbook
  • A good voice (or at least the ability to carry a tune)
  • Some festive clothes
  • A desire to bring holiday cheer to the people you sing to


  1. Decide on what kind of songs you want to sing. You can choose traditional Christmas carols, secular Christmas songs, or a mix of both.
  2. Print out copies of the lyrics for each song and put them in a songbook.
  3. Get dressed in your best Christmas outfit and start caroling!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this yourself. You can enlist the help of your friends or family members to carol with you and split the profits.


This is a great side hustle for anyone who loves Christmas and can carry a tune. It’s also a great opportunity to get out and meet new people in your community. You can set your own rates for this service, so it’s a great way to make some extra money during holiday gatherings.

You get to spread holiday cheer, see people’s happy reactions when they hear Christmas carols, and make lots of memories all at once! Just make sure you know what kind of songs you want to sing before you start looking for gigs.


These are just a few ideas of the best side hustles you can do to make money for Christmas. The great thing about these ideas is that you can do all of them on your own and keep the money for yourself.

But, don’t be afraid to get creative and find some other ways to make some cash during the holiday season! There are lots of opportunities out there that you can take advantage of to make money for Christmas.

Just make sure you don’t break any laws and always put safety first. If you follow these tips, then you should do just fine during the holiday season.

FAQ – How to Make Money From Christmas

What are some of the best side hustles to make money for Christmas besides social media marketing?

There are lots of different side hustles you can try to make money from Christmas besides making money using Instagram. Some of these include selling gift wrap, offering personal shopping services, and becoming a Christmas caroler.

Can I offer my services as an elf for hire to make extra cash for Christmas?

Yes! You could offer your services as an elf for hire to help out with Christmas events or even just to hand out holiday cards to people. This is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and make some extra money during the holiday season. Make sure you request payment up front.

How do you earn free gift cards for Christmas?

There are lots of ways you can earn free gift cards for Christmas. Some ways are by completing surveys or watching videos online for a chance to win one, try your luck at sweepstakes and giveaways, or sell your unwanted items on websites like OfferUp and Craigslist. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before you enter any contests or giveaways.

How much money can I make from Christmas?

It really depends on what side hustle you decide to do. Some of them may pay a little bit more than others, but it all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it. Plus, some side hustles may actually end up costing you money in the long run! So make sure you think about all the costs before committing to any gigs if you want to earn money.

How much does it cost to wrap presents?

Wrapping presents can actually be a lot of fun because you get to personalize them and make them look special. The cost of wrapping presents usually depends on how many you need to wrap and the type of wrapping paper you choose. But generally speaking, it’s not a very expensive activity. So if you’re looking for ways to make money for Christmas, then this is a great option to earn extra cash.

What are some of the best ways to make money for Christmas?

Some of the best ways to make money for Christmas include doing side hustles like data entry, dog walking, online surveys, playing games like Minecraft, selling your skills online, sell pictures, or entering contests and giveaways. Just be sure to think about what you’re good at. And remember, the more time and effort you put into it, the more money you’ll make. Merry Christmas!