Double the Hustle, Double the Fun: Best Side Hustles for Couples

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Hello, power couples! Are you and your partner always on the lookout for the next big adventure, the next shared journey to embark on together? Maybe you’re dreaming about a joint venture that’s not just about making money together, but also about spending quality time, growing together, and creating something unique that’s a true reflection of your duo-dynamic. Well, have you ever thought about doubling the hustle and taking on the best side hustles for couples?

You see, side hustles are no longer solitary affairs. These days, more and more couples are discovering the joy of working on side gigs together. These aren’t just about padding the bank account (though, let’s be honest, that’s a pretty great perk!). No, these couple-centric side hustles are also about strengthening bonds, fostering better communication, and, of course, having a heap of fun along the way.

Picture this: It’s not just about hustling hard. It’s about the laughter you share when an idea sparks at midnight, it’s about the high-five when you secure your first client, and the celebratory dance when you see your shared dream materializing. It’s about using your unique combined skills to make something remarkable, something that’s 100% “you-and-me” instead of just “me.”

So, are you ready to take on this exciting new journey and explore the world of side hustles built for two? Let’s uncover the magic of side hustle ideas and jobs that are best suited for couples, and who knows, by the end of this, you might just discover your next big shared adventure.

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Joint Blogging or Podcasting

Blogging and podcasting as a couple allow you to harness your joint experiences, perspectives, and skills to engage with a broad audience. With a strategic approach, you can turn your shared passions into a lucrative and fulfilling side hustle.

Why It Works for Couples

The unique appeal of a couple-led blog or podcast stems from the synergy of two distinct perspectives. It’s like presenting your audience with a 360-degree view of a subject, which can be captivating and highly relatable. Additionally, working as a team lets you share the workload, bounce ideas off each other, and maintain a consistent content output, which can be challenging to do alone.

Choosing Your Niche

Identifying your shared passions and areas of expertise is the first crucial step in your journey. Ask yourselves, “What subjects can we talk about endlessly? What topics are we genuinely passionate about?”

Perhaps it’s cooking, travel, movies, books, fitness, parenting, or relationship advice. Maybe you’re both tech enthusiasts or history buffs. Once you’ve identified your niche, research the existing blogs or podcasts in that space to understand the competition and identify potential unique angles for your content.

Setting Up Your Platform

For blogging, platforms like WordPress and Blogger offer a wealth of customizability and are beginner-friendly. You can choose from numerous themes to set the right aesthetic for your blog.

For podcasting, you might consider using user-friendly platforms like Anchor or PodBean. They offer hosting, distribution, and even monetization options. If you’re podcasting, a good-quality microphone is an essential investment, and a quiet, comfortable recording space will help ensure crisp, clear audio. If your blog will be image-heavy, a good camera will be useful.

Creating and Sharing Your Content

Content is king in the world of blogging and podcasting. You’ll need to brainstorm topics, create a content calendar, write draft scripts or posts, revise together, and finalize your content.

Consistency is crucial, so aim for a regular publishing schedule that suits your lifestyle and keeps your audience engaged. Once your content is live, you’ll need to promote it. Utilize social media, optimize your blog posts for search engines, consider guest posts or podcast appearances, and encourage your audience to share your content.

Monetizing Your Hustle

There are several ways to monetize a blog or podcast. Affiliate marketing, where you promote products and earn a commission on sales made through your unique affiliate link, can be lucrative.

You could also consider displaying ads on your youtube channel or blog, finding sponsors for your podcast episodes, or creating and selling your own products or services, like eBooks, online courses, or consulting services. For podcasts, platforms like Patreon allow your fans to financially support your content creation with a monthly subscription in exchange for exclusive content and perks.

Why It’s Rewarding

Aside from the potential to earn extra income, joint blogging or podcasting can strengthen your bond as a couple. You’ll learn about each other’s creative processes, fine-tune your communication, and collaboratively problem-solve. As you witness your blog or podcast grow and evolve, you’ll also experience the immense satisfaction that comes from building something successful together.

Etsy or Online Store

Are you and your partner a creative duo? Do you love working with your hands, crafting unique pieces of art, jewelry, homemade candles, or even designing clothes? If so, opening an online store might just be your perfect couple’s side hustle.

Why It Works for Couples

Running an online store can be an exciting adventure for couples because it combines various skillsets. For instance, if one of you has a knack for crafting unique pieces, and the other is a whiz at digital marketing or customer service, you’re already a well-rounded team. The combination of creative talent and business acumen can set the foundation for a successful online store.

Choosing Your Product

The first step is identifying what products you can create that will also have market demand. Start by listing your shared interests and talents. Then, research online marketplaces like Etsy to see what kind of items are trending and which could align with your skills.

After you’ve decided on your product range, it’s essential to test the market. Make a few prototypes and get honest feedback from friends, family, or even potential customers. This feedback can help refine your products before officially launching.

Setting Up Your Online Store

With platforms like Etsy, you have a ready-made marketplace that handles many technical aspects for you. The platform is user-friendly and comes with a large audience already searching for unique, handmade items.

Alternatively, you can set up your own website with platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. Going this route means more control over your brand and potentially higher profit margins, but it also means more upfront work in terms of website design, SEO, and generating traffic.

Creating, Marketing, and Selling Your Product

The backbone of your business will be your ability to consistently produce high-quality products. This may mean investing in quality materials, improving your craft, and setting up a dedicated workspace.

Marketing your products is equally important. Your product listings should include high-resolution images and compelling descriptions. You can use social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your products and connect with customers.

Additionally, consider learning basic SEO principles to help your store and products get found in search results. If you’re on Etsy, use Etsy’s stats and tools to optimize your listings.

Monetizing Your Hustle

Pricing your products is a balancing act. You need to cover your material costs, time, and also make a profit. If you’re selling on Etsy, remember to account for their fees. Over time, you might consider diversifying your income streams. This could involve offering custom orders, teaching online classes, or even creating digital products.

Why It’s Rewarding

The beauty of running your online store is that it marries creativity with entrepreneurship. There’s immense satisfaction in seeing your creations appreciated and bought by customers worldwide. Moreover, the journey of building and growing a business with your partner adds a layer of shared achievement and excitement to your relationship.

House Flipping

For couples who have extra money, a knack for renovations and a keen sense of real estate market trends, house flipping can be a thrilling and potentially profitable side hustle. It entails buying a home at a reduced price, investing time and resources to renovate it, and reselling it at a higher price for a profit.

Why It Works for Couples

House flipping is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a broad skillset, making it ideal for couples. If one partner excels in logistics, budgeting, and project management, and the other is gifted in areas like interior design, landscaping, or home improvement tasks, you can combine your skills to form a robust house flipping team. Plus, the satisfaction of transforming a fixer-upper into a dream home can be a rewarding shared experience.

Finding the Right Property

The foundation of successful house flipping lies in acquiring the right property. It’s about finding a home that requires just the right amount of work— enough to increase its value significantly without breaking your renovation budget. Look for properties in desirable neighborhoods that could benefit from a facelift or modern updates. Research local market trends and home prices to identify promising opportunities.

Crunching the Numbers

House flipping is as much a financial endeavor as it is a creative one. You’ll need to develop a comprehensive budget that covers the purchase price, renovation costs, carrying costs (like mortgage, insurance, taxes, and utilities), and ideally leaves room for an appealing profit margin. You’ll also need to account for unexpected costs that often arise during renovations.

Creating a Renovation Plan

Developing a plan for your renovation is crucial. This involves identifying which improvements will add the most value to the property. Kitchens and bathrooms often yield the best return on investment, but don’t neglect exterior improvements for curb appeal. Prioritize projects based on their potential impact on the property’s resale value and your budget.

Carrying Out the Renovation

During the renovation phase, you’ll put your handy skills and design acumen to the test. You’ll coordinate contractors, source materials, and maybe even get your hands dirty with some DIY work. Adhering to your budget and timeline is crucial, as is ensuring all work complies with local building codes and regulations.

Listing and Selling the Property

Once your renovation is complete, it’s time to list the property. Collaborate with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about your local market to price the home correctly. Stage the property to accentuate its features and consider investing in professional photography to make your listing stand out.

Monetizing Your Hustle

Your profit comes from selling the home for more than the total cost of purchasing and renovating it. The potential for profit can vary widely based on the initial state of the property, the local real estate market, and the quality of your renovations.

Why It’s Rewarding

Transforming a neglected property into a beautiful home can provide immense satisfaction. On top of the potential financial gains, you’re also contributing to neighborhood improvement, which can be a rewarding experience. Moreover, working as a team and tackling challenges together can bring you and your partner closer and allow you to learn new skills.

Food Truck Business

For the culinary-creative couples who love the bustling energy of street food scenes, operating a food truck business can be an enticing side hustle. It combines a passion for food, a knack for customer service, and business savvy into one exciting venture.

Why It Works for Couples

Running a food truck requires a balance of culinary skills, business management, and a dash of marketing prowess. As a couple, you can tap into your combined strengths. One person can focus on crafting delectable recipes while the other handles business logistics and customer interaction. This setup fosters a unique cooperative dynamic that can make your business thrive and strengthen your relationship.

Crafting a Unique Concept

Creating a distinct concept for your food truck can set you apart in your local food scene. Consider your mutual culinary interests. Maybe you both love fusion cuisine, vegan cooking, or a particular regional fare. Marrying your shared passion with a gap in the local market can help your food truck stand out.

Detailed Business Planning

Running a food truck requires more than a delicious menu. You’ll need a robust business plan that details your startup costs, projected income, and marketing strategy. Consider the cost of the food truck, kitchen equipment, ingredients, permits, licenses, and insurance.

Designing a Mouth-Watering Menu

The heart of your food truck business is the menu. Craft dishes that encapsulate your theme, taste excellent, and can be prepared in a mobile kitchen setting. Consider the practicality of serving these dishes on the go. Experiment together until you’ve curated a menu that is both profitable and exciting to your target audience.

Location Scouting and Scheduling

Part of the beauty of a food truck business is the mobility. You’re not tied to a single location. Research local zoning laws for food trucks, popular spots where food trucks gather, and high foot-traffic areas. Attend local events, fairs, and food truck rallies to gain exposure. Create a consistent schedule and keep your customers updated via social media.

Launch and Marketing

To spread the word about your food truck, an engaging social media presence is crucial. Regularly update your followers about your location, special menu items, and events you’re attending. Engage with your customers online and encourage reviews to build a positive online reputation.

Monetizing Your Hustle

Your primary revenue will come from your food sales, so pay close attention to food costs, pricing, and waste reduction. Remember, good turnover and repeat customers are vital to the success of your food truck. As your business grows, consider catering opportunities, partnerships with local businesses, or even expanding your fleet.

Why It’s Rewarding

There’s something inherently satisfying about serving your culinary creations to a community of food lovers. Yes, the food truck business can be fast-paced and challenging, but it’s also full of opportunities for creative expression, problem-solving, and direct interaction with your customers. As a couple, it’s a journey of growth, cooperation, and shared success.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Ownership

Owning a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is like turning hospitality and charm into a business model. For couples with a knack for entertaining and a space to spare, running a B&B can be both a rewarding and profitable venture.

Why It Works for Couples

The dynamism of running a B&B is perfect for two-person teams. The variety of tasks – from cooking breakfast and cleaning rooms to handling bookings and entertaining guests – ensures that both partners can play to their strengths. One of you might be an early riser who loves to cook, while the other is a night owl who enjoys paperwork and marketing. The shared responsibilities and experiences can also further strengthen your bond as a couple.

Choosing the Right Location

Location can make or break a B&B. You’ll want a place that’s close to popular tourist destinations or events, or a location that’s appealing in its own right – maybe it’s near a beach, in the mountains, or in a bustling city center. Consider also the size and layout of your home; it should be able to accommodate guests comfortably and offer some privacy.

Legalities and Licenses

As with any business, it’s crucial to make sure you’re operating within the law. This could involve zoning laws, safety regulations, and licensing requirements for operating a B&B in your location. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that you’re appropriately insured to protect both you and your guests. Consulting with a local attorney or business advisor can be a wise first step.

Preparing Your Home

Setting up your home for guests requires attention to detail. The rooms should not only be clean and comfortable, but also well-decorated to create a welcoming ambiance. Consider what amenities you can offer – free Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms, plush linens, locally sourced toiletries, or perhaps unique touches like a book library or board games.

Marketing Your B&B

Effective marketing can significantly increase your B&B’s visibility. This might involve setting up a website, leveraging social media, or listing on popular accommodation booking platforms. High-quality photos and compelling descriptions are crucial, as is responsiveness to inquiries. You could also consider offering discounts for off-peak seasons or long stays to attract more guests.

Providing a Memorable Stay

Exceptional hospitality is the cornerstone of any successful B&B. This means preparing delicious breakfasts, ensuring rooms are spotlessly clean, and perhaps offering tips on local attractions. The goal is to make your guests’ stay memorable, leading to positive reviews and referrals.

Monetizing Your Hustle

As a B&B owner, your income is derived from the rates you charge your guests. It’s a fine balance between setting a rate that’s competitive yet profitable. You’ll need to account for your operational costs, including utilities, supplies, maintenance, and any mortgage or lease payments on your property.

Why It’s Rewarding

Running a B&B allows couples to turn their home into a source of passive income, and their passion for hospitality into a business. It provides the joy of meeting diverse people and the satisfaction of providing a service that directly impacts others’ happiness.

Couples Fitness Training

Starting a couples fitness training program could be an excellent side hustle if you and your partner share a passion for fitness and a knack for motivating others. It’s about helping other couples embrace a healthier lifestyle, strengthen their relationship through shared workouts, and find joy in fitness.

Why It Works for Couples

Operating a fitness training program together allows you and your partner to combine your individual strengths and expertise. Perhaps one of you is a cardio enthusiast with a background in running or cycling, while the other is a yoga guru or weightlifting champ. This combination of skills can help you create a comprehensive and diverse fitness program. Additionally, you can provide a real-life example of how working out as a couple can be fun and rewarding.

Getting Certified

To be credible fitness trainers, you should get certified. This typically involves studying a course and passing an exam. Accredited programs, such as those offered by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), can provide you with a solid foundation of fitness knowledge and instructional techniques. Having a first aid and CPR certification is also highly recommended for safety purposes.

Designing Your Program

Designing a workout program specifically for couples involves careful consideration. You’ll want to include exercises that can be adapted for different fitness levels and that promote teamwork and partnership. These might include partner-assisted stretches, coordinated strength training exercises, or friendly competition-style activities. Make sure to include a balance of cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises to provide a well-rounded fitness experience.

Setting Up Your Workout Space

Whether you choose to train couples in their homes, in a local park, or even in a rented fitness studio, ensure your workout space is safe, comfortable, and suitable for a variety of exercises. If you’re conducting sessions online, make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a setup that allows you to demonstrate exercises clearly.

Finding Your Clients

Marketing your services effectively is crucial to attracting clients. Leverage social media platforms, fitness forums, local community bulletin boards, and word-of-mouth referrals to get the word out about your couples fitness training. Consider offering a discounted or free first session to attract potential clients.

Conducting Your Sessions

During your sessions, focus on creating a positive, encouraging environment. Remember, the goal is not only to improve fitness but also to strengthen relationships through shared experiences and achievements. Be attentive to your clients’ needs, make adjustments as necessary, and always prioritize safety and proper form.

Monetizing Your Hustle

You’ll generate income by charging for your training sessions. You could charge per session or offer packages for multiple sessions. Offering discounts for referrals can also help attract new clients. Be sure to factor in your time, expertise, and any costs associated with your workout space or equipment when setting your prices.

Why It’s Rewarding

This side hustle allows you to turn your passion for fitness into a business, work closely with your partner, earn money, and make a tangible difference in the lives and relationships of your clients. You’ll get the satisfaction of seeing others improve their fitness, enjoy their workouts, and deepen their relationships through your training program.

Couples Coaching

If you and your partner are passionate about helping others and have the communication skills and emotional intelligence to guide people through their issues, a side hustle in couples coaching could be the perfect fit for you. This unique side hustle enables you to help other couples strengthen their relationships using your experiences and insights.

Why It Works for Couples

As a couple yourselves, you can provide a balanced, relatable perspective to your clients. You can address gender-specific concerns more effectively, and the dynamics of your relationship could serve as a positive example for your clients. Additionally, working together on a common goal could also strengthen your own relationship.

Training and Certification

While a certification isn’t strictly necessary to become a couples coach, having one can significantly enhance your credibility. Organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) offer coaching certifications that cover essential coaching skills and ethical standards. Some training programs also offer specializations in relationship coaching, which can be particularly beneficial for a couples coaching business.

Identifying Your Niche

Couples coaching encompasses various areas. Identifying your niche will depend on your strengths, interests, and experiences. You might focus on helping couples improve their communication skills, resolve conflicts, reconnect emotionally, balance work and family, or navigate major life transitions. By specializing in an area, you can provide more targeted, effective coaching.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Whether you’re conducting sessions in person or online, it’s important to create a space that is private, comfortable, and conducive to open, honest discussions. If you’re providing in-person coaching, a quiet, welcoming office space would be ideal. For online coaching, ensure you have a good quality webcam and microphone, and choose a video conferencing platform that ensures privacy and security.

Marketing Your Services

Effective marketing is crucial to attracting clients. A professional website that outlines your services, qualifications, and approach to coaching is a must. Regularly posting relationship tips or insights on a blog or social media can help attract potential clients and establish you as experts in your field. Offering a free initial consultation can also draw in clients.

The Coaching Process

As a couples coach, your role is to facilitate discussions, ask thought-provoking questions, provide tools and strategies, and guide couples towards their relationship goals. You should be prepared to handle difficult conversations and emotional moments. You’ll also need to establish boundaries and maintain confidentiality to create a safe, trusting environment for your clients.

Monetizing Your Hustle

You can charge clients per session or offer packages for multiple sessions. Your rates should reflect your qualifications, the value you provide, and market rates. You may also want to consider sliding scale fees or discounts for long-term coaching programs to make your services accessible to a wider range of clients.

Why It’s Rewarding

The most rewarding aspect of couples coaching is seeing the positive changes in your clients’ relationships. You have the chance to guide couples through challenging times, help them develop healthier relationship habits, and contribute to their overall happiness. It’s a side hustle that not only brings financial rewards but also emotional satisfaction.


Whether it’s flipping real estate, running a joint blog, establishing a drone business, starting a food truck, or offering couples coaching, there’s a wide array of side hustles that couples can delve into. The beauty of working as a duo is that you can blend your individual skills, passions, and strengths to create a unique and successful side hustle.

Remember, the key to a successful side hustle is finding something you both love and can work on together. It not only boosts your income but also strengthens your bond and lets you create shared memories and experiences. So, why not give it a shot? Start exploring these side hustles and see which one fits you and your partner the best.

FAQ – Best Side Hustles for Couples

Is it necessary for both partners to be equally involved in the side hustle?

While it’s beneficial for both partners to be actively involved, it’s not a requirement. The involvement can vary depending on your skills, interests, and availability. The most important thing is that both partners are committed and supportive.

What if my partner and I have different interests?

Having different interests isn’t necessarily a drawback. In fact, it can be a strength. You can combine your unique skills and interests to create a diverse, dynamic side hustle. The key is to find a common ground and work together towards a shared goal.

How do we handle disagreements in our side hustle?

Open communication is crucial. Discuss your concerns honestly and respectfully. You might also consider defining roles and responsibilities at the outset to prevent misunderstandings.

Can our side hustle turn into a full-time business?

Absolutely! Many successful businesses started as side hustles. If your side hustle is something you’re passionate about and it becomes financially viable, you could make more money and consider transitioning it into a full-time venture.