50 Best Gig Economy Jobs to Supplement Your Income

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The gig economy is a popular thing these days. People are always looking for ways to make money on the side and in their spare time. Gig economy jobs can be a great way to supplement your income, but there are so many of them it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time. That’s why we put together this list of 50 best gig economy jobs that you might find interesting! From driving for Uber or Lyft to delivering food, this list has something for everyone interested in making some extra cash on the side.

Suppose you want to earn some extra dough while still balancing other tasks in your life or looking for something new. In that case, this post is just what you need because it features fifty great gigs that will enable anyone interested in exploring their options within the gig economy!

What Is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is an economic system in which people are hired for short-term jobs or projects and often work as freelancers. Gig economy jobs include those that established companies organize through central marketplaces. If you do a gig, that means you work as an independent contractor and only for one task or project at a time – unlike with temp jobs which are often long-term commitments. The difference between gig jobs and temp jobs is that you (the contractor) are never an employee; instead, you’re a freelancer.

In a gig economy, the tasks or gigs freelancers undertake could range from one-off data entry projects to thousand-dollar corporate website redesigns.

The gig economy started gaining traction in the early 2000s when a new generation of workers began demanding more flexible work arrangements.

Today, gig jobs are an extension of freelance work. They’re popular with people who want to supplement their income or earn money on the side while also having time for other things in life like family, hobbies, or education.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns led to a widespread increase in gig economy jobs and remote work. And now, it’s doubtful that the gig economy will ever go away.

How Much Can I Make In the Gig Economy?

Now, you’re probably wondering if doing gig jobs is even worth it. The amount of money you can make with gig economy jobs is all dependent on the type of gig, how many hours you work, and what your hourly wage is.

Generally, average gig job rates vary between $10-30 an hour. However, some people can earn up to $100 per job depending on location or what the company pays for the gig.

Now, can someone make a full-time income in the gig economy?


It’s rare for a gig economy worker to make a full-time income from gigs alone. It usually doesn’t provide the same benefits or stability as other forms of employment, like careers and traditional jobs. However, if you’re using gigs to supplement your existing paycheck or just looking for some extra cash on the side, then this could be an option worth considering!

And who knows? You could get so good at the gig jobs that you decide to create your own business!

50 Best Gig Economy Jobs

50 Best Gig Economy Jobs
50 Best Gig Economy Jobs

I’ve compiled a list of the best 50 gig economy jobs that you can use to supplement your income. The jobs range from those available on Upwork and Task Rabbit to more creative gigs like freelance writing or dog walking. Use this as an opportunity for you or someone in need of supplemental income in their daily life!

The List:

Airbnb Host – Rent out unused space at home (or make some extra dough when traveling) by being a host on Airbnb.

Pet Sitter – Care for pets while owners are away.

Opinion Survey Taker – Make money by sharing opinions with large companies via email.

Freelance Writer – Write articles online.

Dog Walker – Dog walkers are needed worldwide and can make up to $25 an hour consistently. If you enjoy being outdoors with dogs while also making good money at it, this is the perfect side hustle for you!

Coffee Shop Barista – Serve coffee at a coffee shop

Uber Driver – Be an Uber driver and make some cash while driving people around

TaskRabbit Tasker – Join the crowdsourcing marketplace to find tasks for which you’re qualified.

Sketch Artist – Draw sketches of whatever is requested

Product Tester – Get paid to test products and share your feedback with companies (ex: try new food items)

Virtual Assistant – Help clients remotely via chat, email, or phone calls from anywhere in the world.

iPhone Repair Technician – Fix broken iPhones and other phones for a living or a side hustle.

Notary Public – Provides notary services for public and private clients.

Tutor – Help students with schoolwork in one-on-one sessions, either at home or online.

Private Chef – Cook food for clients based on what they want to eat (ex: gluten-free, vegan)

Remote Support Specialist – Provide tech support remotely using your computer skills (ex: fix someone’s wifi).

Party Entertainer – Perform magic tricks at kids’ parties so that parents can enjoy the party too.

Fashion Stylist – Makeover people’s fashion choices by shopping together and making recommendations about which outfits should be worn when out in public this weekend.

Fashion designer – Designer of high-end fashion items (ex: wedding dresses)

Personal Trainer – Help clients with fitness goals to reach their desired physique.

Maid service – Clean people’s homes and offices for a living or as a side hustle.

Blogger – Write about your passions on the internet so that others can learn from you too!

Hairstylist – Give someone else a new look by cutting hair, coloring it, and adding different types of products to make them feel more confident before going out this weekend.

Doorperson – Be in charge of checking IDs and determining if someone is underage or not before entering the club.

Model – Get paid for pictures taken by a photographer.

Bartender – Mix drinks to provide customers with their desired drink through various ingredients like alcohol or nonalcoholic beverages.

Web developer (ex: WordPress) – Create websites using different coding languages such as HTML and CSS according to an established design template so that visitors can read articles online without having to download any additional applications first. Bluehost makes it easy to start.

Graphic designer – Paint logos onto objects via a projector while wearing

Doula – Provide emotional and physical support to mothers before, during, or after childbirth.

Social media specialist – Post updates on social media for other companies.

Receptionist – Answer phone calls and direct people to their requested locations if necessary for an office building. The receptionist may also offer refreshments while they wait at times as well.

Alarm Monitor (ex: ADT) – Monitor alarm systems and equipment in given locations to prevent theft or other crimes.

Dedicated Driver Service Representative – Handle deliveries from place A to B without any additional assistance needed by coordinating shipping schedules and routes through different modes of transportation such as trucks, planes, boats, etc., with a degree in logistics management or related field preferred.

Data Entry – Entering information into a data processing system or database.

Delivery Driver – Delivering items such as food, packages, and other goods to customers within an allocated time frame. You could do this with Amazon Flex.

Aquaculture Farmer – Grow and harvest fish, shrimp, or other aquatic life to sell.

Blow Dryer Technician – Work in a salon as the head hair stylist’s assistant by doing various tasks such as blow-drying clients’ hair after being styled or cut.

Jury Arbitrator – Decide on the fairness of jury awards.

Nanny – Nannies are responsible for taking care of children in their employers’ homes.

Fence installer – Install fences for homes or businesses in your area.

Plumber – Fix or install pipes, fixtures, and fittings for water.

Home Nurse (registered) – Provide primary medical care such as giving shots at the patient’s house

Electrician – Install, maintain and repair electrical wiring in homes or buildings.

Locksmith – Install locks for businesses or residences to help make them more secure.

Painting Curbs – Go around your neighborhood and see if anyone needs their address painted on their curb out front.

Landscaper – Maintain gardens and lawns on residential properties using various tools such as shears, shovels, pruning saws, etc.

Pizza Delivery Driver (car) – Deliver hot pizzas to customers within an allocated time frame.

Door-to-door Salesperson – visit people’s homes or offices selling goods like makeup products, cleaning supplies, or pet food using your own car/bike, etc.

Carpenter – Construct new structures from wood parts installed according to blueprints.

Copywriter – Write articles for online marketing purposes.

Computer Technician – Repair and optimize defective computer systems.

Maid/ Cleaner – Take assignments based on the size of the property, after which you will be assigned to specific tasks like vacuuming furniture etc.

Where Can I Find Gigs?

If you’re looking for the best economy gig jobs, there’s never been a better time! You can find jobs on most websites that offer full-time positions as well as on freelancer sites. There are also specific websites designed for companies who need help, such as food delivery or dog walking services – search Google for “companies seeking gigs”.

If you’re looking for an opportunity in today’s economy, then this is it! Searching these terms will give you access to hundreds of opportunities across various industries and fields related not only to freelance endeavors but even specialized job boards focused around your local area (think: grocery store deliveries).

One service that I highly recommend is Ziprecruiter. Enter your search terms below, and you’ll find lots of potential gig job opportunities.

25 Gig Economy Apps to Earn Even More

25 Best Gig Economy Apps
25 Gig Economy Apps

While you can find some of the best gig economy jobs on jobs sites like ZipRecruiter, mobile apps also give you a way to earn extra money doing gigs. Here are some apps that you should check out if you’re interested in pursuing the best gig economy jobs further.

Gigwalk: Do you have a car and an Android or iPhone? If so, then sign up for this app that connects employers with people who want to do quick gigs in their spare time! You can choose from tasks like data entry, taking pictures of products on shelves at stores, answering customer questions about company policies, etc.

TaskRabbit: This is another service that focuses specifically on significant projects around your house. It’s perfect for getting paid for things like painting, assembling furniture, installing a toilet or sink, etc.

Postmates: Postmates is an on-demand delivery service that might be perfect if you have a car and are interested in picking up groceries from the store then delivering them to people’s homes. You get paid based on distance traveled and how quickly you can take items to their destinations!

Lyft: Lyft offers ridesharing services where drivers use their cars, so this gig could work great if you have free time during the day when most people need rides around town!

Uber: Uber has a vast number of driving opportunities. They require the driver to have an iPhone, and they must pass their background check, but drivers can be on-demand, so this could work well if all your free time is in between jobs or breakfast and lunch shifts!

Charity Miles: This app offers things like walking around your neighborhood with children’s books then donating money to charity based on how many miles you walk. It’s perfect when you want to do something good while also earning some income!

Field Agent: Another great app to make some money – Field Agent is a mobile-based service that offers you tasks to complete in the area you live. For example, they might ask for information about stores or public events in your community and compensate with cash!

Airtasker: An excellent app for those who need things done but don’t want to pay someone full-time wages. It’s an online platform where people post jobs like house cleaning, web design, etc., which other users of the site then complete. You can also set how much you’ll pay them after finishing their task instead of paying upfront, so it’s not as risky if something goes wrong!

Mechanical Turk: Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is an online service where you can work as a freelancer and do tasks like categorizing images, transcribing audio recordings, or writing short text descriptions of videos. This site also offers specific jobs in different sectors such as marketing or legal advice, which will pay more than the typical task!

Fiverr: With Fiverr, you can make money by offering a wide range of different services, such as graphic design, video and audio editing, or advertising. You can charge $30 for a basic gig with lower prices available if you offer more than one service!

DoorDash: To earn money with DoorDash, all you have to do is download the app and sign up. Once the company activates your account, it will be ready to accept restaurants’ requests!

Instacart: Signing up for Instacart can make you money by shopping at grocery stores and other retail outlets for other people. All you have to do is download the app, create an account, select a store near you and then pick up your groceries!

Upwork: Upwork lets freelancers find jobs they are qualified for online by signing up through their website. The best part? They also have an app where clients can post work opportunities whenever they want, which means more opportunities always come along when it’s time to look again!

Rover.com: If you love pets, Rover.com might be the best gig for you! You will essentially become a pet sitter and make money by watching someone’s dog or cat when they aren’t home.

Turo: Turo is a car rental service that allows you to rent out your vehicle. You can make money by renting it out when you are not using it and have the opportunity to do so whenever they need it!

GetAround: GetAround is a car rental company that lets you rent out your vehicle and pick up someone else’s to drive. The best part? You can make money by doing so!

HyreCar: HyreCar is a car-sharing service that pays you to drive other people’s cars.

BlaBlaCar: BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats in their vehicles and users who are traveling the same distance, allowing them to share travel expenses.

GrubHub: Earn money with GrubHub by delivering food to hungry customers who don’t want to leave the house.

Shyp: If you have a car and some spare time, sign up for Shyp’s courier service, where your job is simply driving stuff from one place to another!

UberEATS: Take tasty meals on-demand with UberEATS by picking them up in minutes and delivering them to customers.

Shipt: Sign up with Shipt’s shopping service to deliver groceries on a flexible schedule.

Lime: Lime is a scooter service where you can make money by charging up its scooters and dropping them off.

WeGoLook: With this app, you can make money by taking photos of items and estimating their value.

Thumbtack: This app allows you to search for gigs and projects while also giving you the ability to set your rates.

Wonolo: This app connects businesses with nearby people looking for short-term work.

Important Things to Know About the Gig Economy

Create a system

Why do you need to create a system for your gig jobs? For one, it keeps your money organized, so you know how much you’ve earned and whether or not it’s worth your time. Second, it allows you to keep track of what jobs you’ve turned down, accepted, and completed.

If someone asks you about a gig job at 11 am Friday, but you don’t have the weekend free because of other gig jobs, you can turn them down with no worries.

Your system should include the date of when each project is due or how much time you need to finish it. Doing this helps avoid misunderstandings where one party thinks they are owed something from the other but doesn’t get anything back right away.

Do multiple gigs

Did you know that you can take on numerous gigs simultaneously? You can. If you have a big job that will take more than five hours, it’s usually best not to do it all in one day because your attention span will be too short, and you likely won’t get the job done entirely.

Instead, break up the project into parts–say three days of work at two hours per day–and then find another gig with similar parameters (length of time commitment). This way you’ll keep busy but never feel like you’re doing nothing for long periods.

Find things you like to do

One of the great things about the gig economy is that there are so many opportunities to try things. This list alone has the 50 best gig economy jobs, but you could probably come up with 50 more easily. So try everything until you find something that works for you — mentally, physically, and intellectually.

Avoid getting scammed

Unfortunately, the gig economy is full of scammers. What kind? It could be an employer who wants you to work without compensation, a company that promises stability but has no intention of providing it, or a client who pays late. The best way to avoid being scammed is to be wary and pay attention to the warning signs. Pretend that you’re a detective, looking for clues about whether or not something is worth your time. If a job promises compensation “later”, skip it! It’s probably too good to be true.

Wrap Up

What are your thoughts about working in the gig economy to make extra money on your own terms? Comment below with what you think would be a good job within the gig economy for other readers looking find one that fits them best!

FAQ – Best Economy Gig Jobs

Which gig job pays the most?

The best gig economy job by far is the Amazon Flex Delivery Associate. You can make up to $18 an hour and work days, nights, weekends-whenever you want!

What are some good gigs for someone who has a disability?

The Gig Economy Association offers jobs in all sorts of industries for disabled individuals.

What is the best gig job?

The best gig economy job is the one that fits within your lifestyle.

Who works in the gig economy?

Anyone who can work a flexible schedule or who has extra time in the morning, evenings, or weekends.

What are some gig economy jobs?

Some standard gigs include Uber driver, Airbnb host, Instacart shopper, and Postmates courier.

Why is the Gig Economy so popular?

The Gig Economy has become more popular because it offers people a way to supplement their income while still have flexibility in their scheduling.

Can people earn an honest living off of “gig economy” jobs?

Yes, many people in the gig economy are able to earn a living off of these jobs.

What can I do right now?

Start by doing some research, and you will find that there are many different options for “gig” jobs available.

What is a gig employee?

Gig employees are not employed by a single company but can work for many different companies simultaneously.

What is an on-demand economy?

The term “on-demand” means that these jobs allow people to get what they need when they need it without waiting in line or dealing with inventory issues.

Why should I use gig economy jobs?

Gig economy jobs provide more flexibility and make life easier because all of your income sources come from multiple side hustles. You also don’t have to commit yourself to one employer, allowing you total freedom over how much money you want to earn each hour.

What started the ‘gig economy’?

The gig economy started when the internet became a mainstream form of communication. This allowed people to work from home and as independent contractors, leading to more flexible business hours, less commitment, increased income with no overhead costs for employers, and happier employees.

Why do you think this is happening now after all these years?

People have been using side hustles their entire lives because it gives them total freedom over how much they want to earn each hour while maintaining flexibility in life overall.

What are the best tools for gig workers?

The best tools for gig workers are platforms like UpWork, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr to name a few. These platforms allow you to find gigs on the fly or post your gig for others to see. It’s also a great way to diversify income streams which is essential.

How do employers feel about the gig economy?

This is a tricky question. On the one hand, some employers are threatened by the gig economy and want to end it because they think that if they allow their employees more flexibility, there will be less need for them in this world of automation. However, other employers may see it as an opportunity for their business because they think that the gig economy is just a new way of doing things and could increase efficiency.